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Why Del’s Popcorn Shop?

Don’t take our word for it. The marketplace confirms what we’ve known since 1934. From historic mainstreet locations to modern shopping centers, our customers recognize the name on the window and the delicious aromas that filter out the doorways out onto the streets. It’s an opportunity worth talking about.

  • Be Part of the $15 Billion Popcorn Market
  • Meet the Demand: 45 Quarts of Popcorn Consumed Per Person Per Year
  • Claim Your Piece of the $232 Billion Confections Market
  • The Global Popcorn Market is projected to reach over $15 billion by 2023 (up from $9 billion in 2016).1
  • Each year, Americans consume 15 billion quarts of popcorn – that’s 45 quarts per man, woman and child.2
  • The confections market is expected to reach $232 billion. 3

We take pride in our long family history of operating the business, our time-tested proprietary recipes, the wide selection of customizable gifts we offer to our customers, and especially the way we’ve taken the true characteristics of an era gone but not forgotten, and carried them into a modern world.

Our concept has grown because of an extremely strong brand image, high quality, fresh ingredients, and an excellent, committed leadership team. Plus, the Del’s Popcorn Shop business model and popcorn franchise program offer multiple revenue streams to balance out your fiscal year:

  • In-store products
  • Merchandise
  • Corporate and other seasonal gifts
  • Online Sales
Del's Customer

How Sweet will your Future be?

If you are looking to make a mark on your community with a specialty shop that keeps people coming back for more, then you should talk with us about the Del’s Popcorn Shop franchise opportunity.

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