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Start a Gourmet Popcorn Business in 2023! There’s no time like the present!

We will help you find the right popcorn franchise opportunity!

Business has been poppin’ at Del’s Popcorn Shop since 1934!

You’ve probably been told more than once that “there’s no time like the present.” We think that’s what John Baldwin thought in 1934 when he opened a tiny confectionery and popcorn business in downtown Decatur, Illinois just on the tail end of the Great Depression. Popcorn was an affordable treat for those still trying to recover from the Great Depression and John popped over 50 lbs. of popcorn every day. John called his popcorn business “The Popcorn Shop,” and he ran it above the printing business he also operated in the basement of the same building.

Poppin’ through 4 wars, and 11 recessions!

No doubt when Del Barnett, a friend and co-worker of Baldwin, bought The Popcorn Shop in 1952, he also felt like “there’s no time like the present.” He had just returned from service in World War II and recognized the fabulous popcorn business opportunity offered to him by Baldwin. His pride in ownership was evident when he changed the name to Del’s Popcorn Shop and his contributions to the popcorn business model were integral to its success. The popcorn business continued to thrive and continued to succeed through Barnetts tenure after World War II and through three other wars including the Cold War. Del’s Popcorn Shop kept right on poppin’ through 11 recessions between 1945 and 2001!

Poppin’ during runaway inflation and record high interest rates!

In the 1980s, when Del decided to retire and he announced that his gourmet popcorn business was for sale, interest rates were sky high because of runaway inflation. As longtime customers, the Jacobs family was undeterred, however, because they believed “there’s (still) no time like the present” to purchase the original popcorn business. Based upon its years of uninterrupted, successful operation, through thick and thin, they decided to carry the brand forward into the next millennium. They later expanded the brand to include two more gourmet popcorn businesses!

Keepin’ it poppin’ during a worldwide pandemic!

When a worldwide pandemic hit in 2020, and Del’s Popcorn Shops continued to succeed without the need to pivot from the original business model, the Jacobs knew that “there’s no time like the present”‘ to grow Del’s Popcorn Shop again into a popcorn franchise opportunity and share the secrets of this popcorn business success with people just like you! They worked tirelessly to build a well-thought-out and affordable franchise offer.

A unique franchise offer that allows you to design your store with an eye to your tastes, local colors and flavors. The goal is to make each Del’s Popcorn Shop its own unique and interesting destination to visit not just because of the fantastic popcorn but also because of the nostalgic decor, (not all cookie cutter the same as other franchises).  A destination where customer service is second to none in the industry! They will teach you how to deliver the “Del’s Experience”.

And they firmly still believe that “there’s no time like the present” for you to secure your own protected territory for a Del’s Popcorn Shop franchise.

A territory where you decide your hours of operation. Where you decide your decor. Where you get to exercise your own creativity and make it your own!

Clearly, “there’s no time like the present” to find the right gourmet popcorn business for sale. Hey, we think you just found it!

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